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What is Tulsi?
Tulsi (Holy Basil) is one of the most cherished of India 's ancient healing herbs. It is renowned for its spiritual sanctity and used daily by millions. It plays a central role in the Ayurvedic and Unani system of holistic health. and herbal medicine of the East. In today's stressful and challenging environment, Tulsi tea makes an ideal accompaniment to a healthy lifestyle with its restorative properties, "The Elixir of Life" as it is often referred to contains many revitalising and energy giving properties. What better way to assist your body's natural resources than nature itself. Too many of the products we ingest on a daily basis contain harmful pollutants. Tulsi is Nature's way of detoxifying the body and restoring a natural balance.

How will I benefit from drinking ORGANIC TULSI TEAS?
Organic Tulsi tea will help to

•  Revitalise
•  Refresh
•  Create a general sense of well being

Being organic means you are not consuming any harmful chemicals, just purely natural herbal ingredients.

Why do your call your collection 'TEAS'
ORGANIC TULSI TEA blends are herbal teas, prepared as an infusion in freshly-boiled water. Herbs prepared in this way are popularly known internationally as herbal teas.

Do ORGANIC TULSI TEAS contain caffeine?
Tulsi is naturally caffeine-free. However, two of our Tulsi Tea blends —, TULSI GREEN TEA and TULSI CHAI MASALA are very low in caffeine. The other blends are completely caffeine-free.

How do I prepare ORGANIC TULSI TEA?
Place one teaspoon or a single tea bag of ORGANIC TULSI TEA per cup in a pot or cup and pour on freshly-boiled water. Infuse for two to five minutes to suit your taste (do not boil the Tulsi/ herbs). A longer steeping time, such as five minutes yields a stronger tea with more beneficial properties. Serve hot or iced according to taste. If desired, add sweetener lemon and/or other spices according to personal preference.

If you wish you can cover the tea and stir occasionally with a spoon to assist the brewing process.

Can ORGANIC TULSI TEA be taken with milk?
Yes. However most people enjoy Organic Tulsi Tea without milk. Children, however, love sweetened Tulsi tea with milk.

How long can we store ORGANIC TULSI TEA?
We recommend that you consume the product within three years of the manufacturing date. Keep it in a cool dry place in an air-tight container, away from direct sunlight.

How many cups of ORGANIC TULSI TEA do you recommend per day?
For general well-being drink three to five cups daily. Tulsi Tea can be enjoyed throughout the day, from morning to night. However, even one cup of Tulsi tea daily is beneficial.

Do ORGANIC TULSI TEAS have any harmful side effects?
No. ORGANIC TULSI TEAS have no harmful side effects and are considered very safe by modern scientific standards. In fact, Tulsi Tea is beneficial for people of all ages.

Can I prepare Tulsi Tea at home from my own Tulsi plant?
Yes, of course. However, most Indian households have only one type of Tulsi, usually Rama Tulsi. Krishna is less common and cultivated. Vana Tulsi is fairly rare. We have created a unique blend of all the three varieties with their individual complimentary health benefits. We cultivate our Tulsi from seedlings every year and harvest it at an optimal time, right after first flowering, whent aromatic and beneficial oils are at their peak. Older plants do not yield the best tea as the taste of the Tulsi leaves becomes bitter with age. Moreover, most people do not have enough plants to supply Tulsi daily throughout the year. It takes dozens of dried Tulsi leaves to make one cup of Tulsi Tea.

In addition, Tulsi plants grown in polluted urban areas may be chemically contaminated. We grow our Tulsi in non-polluted remote locations in healthy soil to produce the healthiest plants possible.

What's special about the ORGANIC TULSI TEA Collection?
The ORGANIC TULSI TEA Collection is the first product range of its kind in the market. These teas have been carefully formulated, integrating the knowledge of traditional Ayurveda with over 35 years of modern scientific and clinical research. We have selected three particular types of Tulsi for the blends: Rama, Krishna and Vana for their unique and complimentary health benefits. Our Tulsi is grown under the strictest standards for organic cultivation on small traditional farms. It is dried at low temperature, blended and packaged in our modern hygienic facilities, following strict SGS and HACCP international regulations that ensure the maximum freshness, flavour and health benefits. Our supplier ORGANIC INDIA, is one of India's largest blenders of Tulsi.

Why Organic?
Simply because organic producers don't use synthetic fertilisers or pesticides on their plants, or genetically modified to enhance productivity. It is much safer to consume or use products that do not contain synthetics and have not been scientifically generated. The aim of the organic farmer is to work in harmony with natural systems and to minimise and continually replenish any resources the soil consumes. The soil is continually attended to by adding all manner of organic waste matter. These are all nature's natural evolution -- the building blocks of compost. Plants adapted to climate and conditions are better able to grow without a lot of attention or input, whereas plants unsuitable for a particular site tend to require a lot more to boost their natural defences to maintain heal and productivity.

Are ORGANIC TULSI TEAS completely Organic?
All the ingredients in our teas are certified as being 100% organic, which means they are free from pesticides and synthetic fertilisers at all stages of production, and sourced from exclusively Organic Farmers. The unique processing methods and farming techniques used, ensure that the highest potency of the herbs are maintained.