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Dr Singh

Dr Narendra Singh is director of Research and Development at Organic India and has been researching medicinal herbs for more than four decades. He is an active medical doctor using both herbal and orthodox medical treatments and is a pioneer in the modern scientfic investigation of the traditional Ayurvedic and medicinal herbs of India. Having published hundreds of articles in scientific journals, his research is recognised internationally.

He is best known for his award-winning research on the the adaptogenic and anti-stress properties of classic medicinal/Ayurvedic herbs and is the leading scientific authority on Tulsi (Holy Basil). In his monograph (detailed book of scientific research), "Tulsi The Mother Medicine of Nature" he and scientists worldwide have found Tulsi to be one of the best anti-stress agents, and studies have also shown it to be an excellent for boosting immunity, enhancing stamina, reducing inflammation to name but a few.

Dr Singh has recently published another book, namely, 'Herbal Medicine - Science Embraces Tradition: A new insight into ancient Ayurveda'. His work focuses on ancient ayurvedic theories backed by modern scientific research, and is available to order through Amazon.


An extract from the book written by Dr Narendra Singh.

Introduction by Ralph D. Miller, Ph.D.

Tulsi Queen of Herbs

It is a privilege to have the opportunity to write the introduction to this historic document, which presents the first extensive overview of India's legendary holy basil Tulsi, integrating the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda with modern experimental and clinical research. Dr. Singh and Dr. Hoette ambitiously address the major health crisis of our times and provide impressive evidence for an ancient remedy.

When I was first introduced to the sacred Tulsi some years back, my first reaction, as a Western scientist, was disbelief. This can't be so, I thought. This herb sounds too good to be true. There seemed to be far more wide-ranging health benefits attributed to this plant than could be possible for a single agent. Yet, I realized that there must be a compelling reason why Tulsi has, for thousands of years, remained one of the most cherished of India's sacred healing plants.

The research reviewed in the following chapters offers impressive evidence that Tulsi protects against and reduces stress, enhances stamina and endurance, increases the body's efficient use of oxygen and boosts the immune system...