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"Tulsi is quite simply the most delicious tea I've ever tasted. So many herbal teas are all aroma and no flavour. Tulsi tea is quite the opposite. Tulsi, known in India as holy basil, is an ancient and almost magical health-giving herb - not to be confused with the basil we know in Europe. I enjoy all the different blends - Brahmi is purifiying and invigorating - great to perk up my brain cells when I'm at my computer looking for inspiration on my writing. At other times, I enjoy the warming properties of Tulsi Ginger, or a soothing cup of Tulsi Green Tea. And Tulsi Original is exactly that - original and best. It's great to know that something that tastes so good is also doing you good at the same time!"
- Sue Cook, Media personality & Author.

"Every time I feel that I need to feel spiritually uplifted, I drink this tea and interestingly it always works. Today is Monday and I drank a flask full of it, and it really works."
- Abbas Ghadimi, Food For Life, Ireland.

"I purchased some Tulsi Teas when visiting the Soil Association's organic fair in Glasgow. Tulsi Chai tea is the best herbal tea that I've tasted. During a chilly winter in Scotland, this is just the thing to warm you up. Absolutely delicious!"
- Mary, Scotland

"I've never really drank herbal tea before but when I tried Tulsi tea I was very impressed, so much so I went out and bought some other kind. It wasn't a patch on the organic Tulsi. In fact I would go as far to say it's awesome."
- Fiona Dawson, Scotland

"It was a pleasure meeting Ravi and his family at the Organic Food Festival in Bristol. Not only did he introduce me to the benefits of drinking Tulsi tea, but he spoke such kind words and showed a loving spirit. It was the highlight of the show meeting him and I have been drinking Tulsi tea ever since. I have shared my tea bags with family and friends, and we all agree that it is the most delicious organic tea we have ever tasted."
- Lisa Groves, Bristol

"The Tulsi teas have plenty of flavour and can be drunk hot in the winter and cold in the summer. The green tea does not have the bitter taste of some ordinary green teas. I have managed to convert family and friends from regular black tea to Tulsi teas, the flavour and inviting aroma has challenged and changed their views that herbal tea is tasteless and dull.
The ginger one remains the family number one favourite!"
- Eliese

"I got introduced to the magical properties of Tulsi at the Bristol Food Festival, from the first sip I knew this was something very special. It was delicious and calmed me down the moment I drank it and the stomach pains I had on that day faded away almost instantly. From then on I have been hooked and drink little else, its not addictive but be warned once tried you will always want to take some wherever you go!"
- John Denning, Wolverhampton

"I totally agree with your vision. As a regular visitor to rural North West India the small, local initiatives make the greatest difference. Best wishes and good luck with a 1st class product."
- Barry Jareckyj, West Lothian

"I've always loved a cup of tea, but I'm also very health conscious and I wanted something organic and healthy. I couldn't believe it when I stumbled across Tulsi teas, - organic, caffeine free AND delicious! I recommended it to friends who were somewhat dubious about herbal teas and they loved it too."
Claire, Leeds

"We have tried Tulsi tea and Tulsi Brahmi. We find both of these Tulsi teas to be refreshing and uplifting at any time of the day or evening. The taste is delicious, and very more-ish. We are very happy to recommend the teas to everyone - once tasted, never forgotten."
- Jackie Smethurst, Herefordshire

"I am enjoying the refreshing and flavourful tea. It is every bit as good as I remembered from the Three Counties Green Show. Best wishes."
- Pauline Dumville

"I am delighted with Tulsi teas - satisfying and refreshing at all levels."
- Terry Crimmings, London